Saturday, November 17, 2007

Soldia Boi, by Glenn

Cutting out middle man makes good sense business, yes?

Backstreet Boyz, we don't care about spelling. A saying that is as true today as it was several years ago when it was first uttered by Ben Stiller while he was acting in a skit for some awards show.

Is it getting hot in Herre? So, what is the deal with kids that misspell stuff? You know, if you truly didn't care about spelling, and were just spelling shit phonetically, you would actually get the spelling right some of the time. The fact that rappers these days never get the spelling right just proves that they are doing it on purpose. Intentionally misspelling a word just proves that you are trying to "not care", and if the Simpson's has taught me anything, it is that trying to be cool is powerfully uncool.

Anyway, I am too tired to be more coherent than that.

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