Thursday, November 15, 2007 is awesome, by Glenn

So, I elected to burst my blog's cherry by whoring myself to (perhaps slutting myself is a more appropriate expression, given that I am receiving no compensation).

Anyway, if you are like me (which is highly unlikely, given my bucolic beardo splendor), you are tired of shitty comedy. SNL skits that stink, etc... (to be fair, those video shorts are great), and any number of stand-up comics whose act doesn't (wait for it) standup to scrutiny.

For you, my friend, there is medicine, in the form of reasonably well-done website. There are a number of these to choose from, but chief among them, if only because it can point you in some other interesting directions, is

Why is it worth your time? They post a new article every day except Saturday, and also some blog entries quasi-randomly throughout the day. Not every article is gold, but even their worst articles amuse me a little. That is more than I can say for many other sources of comedy. And their best articles? I actually laugh out loud. I have to suppress giggling for christsakes, and I am as jaded and ironically detached as the next guy. All this, and it is provided to you in easily digestable 'lists' that you can read in the five minutes before you start working at your meaningless job.

Also, for all those lonely nerd types, there is an interesting online community that exists for the Cracked website. They will be more than happy to shit on anyone that thinks anything is good. I mean, good god, it is ok to like something even if everyone else likes it too! Being critical means you can spot the good and the bad in things people!

More interesting, the website is looking for writers! You can volunteer to be a sort of freelance writer and you get 50 bucks for every pitch of yours that gets accepted (assuming you go ahead and actually write the article, or at least the first version). This is sort of like the Matrix except instead of providing Cracked energy, you would be providing them with comedy.

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